We are delighted to announce that Year 5 came 1st in the York Sumdog Maths competition. In total 55803 questions were answered by 315 students in the county, with our class average being the highest – a true feat of collaboration! In addition, Alex O’Hagan was placed 6th on the individual pupil leader board answering 936 questions correctly from 1000.

Year 5 had a busy week this week, as they also learnt all about bank accounts, jobs and life priorities in their GOAL (Game of Actual Life) workshop today.  Imagining they are 22 years old, they are considering what their new found independence will bring with it.

A busy start to the week with our ICE masterclasses, held for the first time at the Senior School.  Lovely to meet so many Year 5s and Year 6s from across York.

Inspire, Challenge, Enrich.

The whole school had a fun and creative day on Wednesday with Catherine Jacob, author of ‘There’s a Troll on my toilet’.  Children heard excerpts from the book and took part in workshops, creating their own illustrations of spooky new characters.

Year 4 enjoyed a fascinating morning at York Art gallery. Their workshop focus was on landscapes and they worked in pencil, pastel, and paint to create their own masterpieces!

Did you know that the best way to learn about the geological structure of the Earth was through the medium of chocolate and biscuits?

The chocolate bar perfectly represented the 3 main parts; crust, mantle and core. The chocolate coating cracking open demonstrated how the tectonic plates are constantly moving on the mantle. Year 4 also counted the layers in their “sedimentary” pink wafers! Next up- igneous and metamorphic!

On Friday 18th October, 9 Year 5 & 6 boys went to the York City Development Schools Football Tournament. They played superbly winning one of their games, drawing two and losing one. Super goalkeeping from Harry meant that they conceded just 3 goals. Sam scored a fabulous goal from the half way line. They finished 3rd in their group and were really unfortunate not to go through to the next round.