Students started planning this term’s Christian Aid fundraiser back in January. After researching different projects and campaigns, students in the activity from Year 7 through to Year 10 decided to organise a fundraising event. Originally the students intended to run a ‘Secret Cupid’ event involving the production and distribution of personalised Valentine’s Day cards. However upon further discussion, and as the idea evolved, they changed the scope of the project to bring it in line with a Christian principle: ‘Love thy neighbour’.

They rebranded the event to be a ‘Share the Love’ fundraiser, and the first phase of the project involved advertising and promotion. Posters were made and announcements given in morning meeting.

Phase two involved setting up a stall in the dining room and taking orders for cards and chocolates. Students and staff alike participated, donating £2 to send a personalised message in a home-made card to loved ones, thanking them for being a bright light in their lives at school. Almost 100 cards were sent in the spirit of love and friendship to friends, colleagues, teachers, catering staff and cleaners.

Phase three involved designing and producing the cards in bulk. Students used their artistic skills to produce several designs. The final design was then silk screen printed with the charitable assistance of Ben Jackson in the art department. With a 24 hour turn around, personalised messages were inscribed into the cards, envelopes were stuffed, and on 14 February, the packages were delivered to students in registration and to staff in their pigeonholes.

It remains to be seen what fundraisers the students will come up with next for the second-half of term. But through this project alone, not only was the love well and truly shared, but £181.55 was raised for an outstanding charity that tangibly improves the lives of others in developing countries around the globe!