On Wednesday the 7th November we were delighted to welcome Dr Sylvia Knight from the Royal Meteorological Society to work with Upper School Room on a Climate Change Negotiation Simulation exercise. Students role played delegates from 10 diverse countries and throughout the morning they learned about the threat of climate change to their country before negotiating on how much they could cut their emissions of greenhouse gases and how much they could contribute to the Green Climate fund. This fund is a pot of money aimed at helping those countries which will feel the effects of climate change first, often the very poorest in the world.

Students worked incredibly hard and their final speeches to the conference were awesome. Delegates voted to accept their proposals which came close to both filling the Green climate fund and meeting an emissions reduction which would keep average global temperatures within the 2°C .

Following this we welcomed two Royal Geographical Society Geography Ambassadors, Seren and Nicole who are both third year undergraduates at York St John University. These young enthusiastic Geographers gave the students a short presentation on the value of Geography to individuals and to society.

A thoroughly worthwhile morning, many thanks to everyone who was involved.