Last year, a representative from the Bhopal Medical Appeal called Tim Edwards was brought in to do a morning meeting for the school.  What he showed us during that meeting really affected me, the fact that one failure could destroy the lives of families and generations to come.

I decided I wanted to take action and try to help some of the victims of this disaster, so I planned a charity bike ride, from Helmsley to Whitby with one of my good friends Rob. We would set off from Helmsley at 10:30 and hopefully get to Whitby at around 1 o’clock. We had 3 stops, each at 10 mile intervals: Kirkbymoorside, Horcum Hole and Blue Bank.

Over the course of the ride we went through lots of different weathers: sun, rain, 20 mph wind and hail. The wind and hail was a nasty combination, especially when we were cycling in the open moors.

I’m really glad I managed to finish the ride and we’ve raised nearly £1000 which is incredible and I really hope it can help with the efforts to bring health to all who suffered.

Dominic (Lower Senior)