The Purpose of a Bootham Education

Bootham is a Quaker School. Its purpose is to liberate its young people, equipping them to flourish as adults and to live adventurous lives that will serve to create a better world.

Bootham Quaker Ethos

The values of the Society of Friends have been at the heart of Bootham School since it was founded in 1823. The purpose of Bootham’s Quaker Education is to liberate and equip its young people to flourish as adults and to live adventurous lives that will serve to create a better world.

Inside the classroom

Quakers believe every contribution is worthwhile and that truth is not confined to a single point of view. These principles are at the heart of our approach to teaching. We appreciate the talents of each student and our small classes allow us to nurture potential from an early age. Our teachers have the freedom to teach. They are encouraged to be as creative as possible. Similarly, our students are confident enough to ask questions and to contribute ideas of their own. This produces a mature and mutually respectful learning relationship between teachers and students.

Outside the classroom

Students at Bootham are nurtured outside the classroom as much as they are inside the classroom. An exciting programme of activities and excursions equips our young people to flourish as adults and encourages them to live adventurous lives that will serve to create a better world

Health & Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of our students and staff is paramount. We have an excellent support network of highly-trained staff who work tirelessly to ensure your child is both happy and healthy. Our on-site medical facilities are first-class and our catering staff work with nutritionists to optimise the health of your child at every stage of their development.

Results & Destinations

There was a strong international flavour to A Level celebrations at Bootham School. More than a quarter of the year group gained at least 3 A grades in their exams and amongst them was a very cosmopolitan collection of students, representing not just the United Kingdom, but also Russia, China, Nigeria, Bosnia, Hong Kong, Hungary and The Netherlands.

More than 82% of students applying to university from Bootham this year are taking up a place at one of their two chosen university courses, 90% of those on their first choice course. In addition to the large majority heading off to Russell group universities in this country (including several to Cambridge, UCL, SOAS, Imperial and Durham), three successful students are about to embark on degrees in Holland and another in Switzerland.

Keeping with the international theme, Toby Price, despite taking several weeks out of his A Level course to compete for Great Britain at Modern Pentathlon in the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aries last October, still managed to secure two A* and two A grades.

Six students -Christopher Chivers, Rob Davidson, Caroline Gu, Misan Kakayor, Lewis Kilbride and Finn Van Der Voort- each achieved three A* grades. Several of them also gained top grades in the increasingly important Extended Project Qualification, as did 65% of the school’s entrants, with half of all entries grades at A*. 

Subjects that fared particularly well were Chemistry, Spanish, Maths, Design Technology, Art and Physics, where at least half of grades were at A* or A.

Headmaster Chris Jeffery said “We are very proud to celebrate the hard work and success of our students at the culmination of their school careers, and to see so many of them meet or surpass their apparent potential. We wholeheartedly congratulate the many whose excellent results tend to get highlighted on days like today, but take as much pleasure and pride in the achievements of all students, especially those who have overcome real challenges and difficulties to get the grades that they needed to kick start their futures. Raw statistics tell very little of the story for so many students on results day.”

View the Destinations of College Two Leavers 2019 here

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