College I Economics and Politics students visited the University of York for an enrichment day last week.

The day, A Fair Economy. A Better World, was part of the York Festival of Ideas. We investigated whether it is feasible to create a fair and resilient economic system that benefits all. We took part in three talks questioning who the economy is for and who really benefits. Each talk raised many issues, some contentious, which inspired ideas amongst students about new approaches to the economy and current unfair economic systems within the UK and globally. We were challenged to think about whether globalisation is responsible for creating the ‘left behind’, how can we create more inclusive economies and what lessons did we learn from history?

Three talks were:
• The Future of Economics
• The Women Shaping the New British Economy, and
• The Postcode Lottery: Globalisation and the Left Behind

Students had opportunity to listen to and engage with expert speakers, including: David Blanchflower, author of ‘Not Working: Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone’, Linda Yueh, BBC correspondent and author of ‘The Great Economists’ and Martin Sandbu, Economics Commentator at The Financial Times.