Students for College 1 and College 2 achieved 1 gold, 3 silver and 16 bronze certificates in this year’s UKMT Senior Maths Challenge. Over 80,000 students from across the UK returned scripts for the Senior Maths Challenge with the top 10% receiving a gold certificate, the next 20% silver and the next 30% bronze.

Approximately 7000 of the top students are invited to sit one of the follow-on competitions, the BMO1 or the Senior Kangaroo. Angel Zhen qualified – we are waiting for her result.

College 2 Scores
Angel Zhen Gold, best in year and best in school 105
Freya Harris Bronze 63
Christoper Chivers Bronze 63
College 1
Timothy Chan Silver and best in year 79
Theodore Riches Silver 75
George Van dam Silver 71
Poom Kirdpradit Bronze 65
Zachary Chan Bronze 63
Gerald Ng Bronze 63
Bruce Zhang Bronze 62
Joe Shillabeer Bronze 60
Eddie Phillips Bronze 60
Ben Hunter Bronze 60
Ryan Gao Bronze 58
Deneth Ramanayake Bronze 58
Ian Cheung Bronze 56
Kipp Whysall Bronze 56
Kiran Scott Bronze 56
Anna Keag Bronze 55
Maks Cnotek Bronze 54

Sample question from this year’s Senior Maths Challenge:

The positive integer 2018 is the product of two primes.  What is the sum of these two primes?

A 1001
B 1010
C 1011
D 1100
E 1101