Anti-Bullying Week

During Anti-Bullying week the children spent time discussing what bullying is, what to do if they are being bullied and who can help them to stop it. IT lessons were devoted to on-line safety. In conjunction with the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s ‘Change starts here’ and Bullying UK’s ‘Choose Kindness’ theme, emphasis was placed on kindness and friendship. We were delighted to welcome YoYo Schools and Youth Trust who delivered an assembly and workshops, promoting friendship and being kind to others and yourself. There was also an opportunity to participate with children from other classes in activities which incorporated being kind, friendly, collaborative, creative, reflective, adventurous, resilient and independent. It was super to see children displaying these positive attributes and having a great time!

As well as Anti-Bullying week, we raised money for Children in Need and Pudsey Bear was very happy to collect £282 for this worthwhile cause.

Our Year 6 ECO Stewards led our morning assembly on Wednesday and introduced ” Switch Off Fortnight.” They shared a very important message about trying to reduce the amount of energy that we use both at home and at school. Our stewards will be checking classrooms regularly throughout the 2 weeks and leaving “calling cards.” Next week they will also be conducting an undercover energy “audit” around school. Remember to switch those lights off everyone!