Back in the day…

No your eyes are not deceiving you! Year 2 had a fabulous time travelling back to the Victorian era at the Ripon Workhouse Museum!

Silence is Golden

Year 1 have been learning about plants and trees. We went on a nature walk to look for signs of Autumn and decided to have a Quaker silence in the Peace Garden. We thought about all of the wonderful things we see and hear outdoors.

Take a seat!

A huge thank you for all the fabulous Ecobricks donated over the course of last year. Year 4 are now the proud owners of a prototype ECO stool! We also donated some Ecobricks to the senior school which helped to create the wonderful ECO bench which is now outside the main hall. Our collection so far has saved over 55kg of non-recyclable plastic from going into landfill; a fabulous achievement!

If you would like to make an Ecobrick for a future project, we would prefer straight edged 2 litre plastic bottles, packed very densely so that the weight is at least 650g. If you would like more information including useful videos showing how to make an Ecobrick, please visit

Fitness First

Year 4 hard at work improving their fitness in circuit training.