We may have had a little snow last week but that didn’t stop Year 6’s music lesson!

Harrogate Synagogue

This week children in Year 4 had a fabulous time in the Synagogue in Harrogate where many religious artefacts were presented to them. They had the opportunity to open the Ark and have a close look at the Torah scrolls.


The Mini-BEASTs have been very busy making bird feeders out of recycled materials. They came with very unique and creative designs which were all very careful planned.

Furthermore they have also joined the BIG Battery Hunt Challenge and have a message for you.

So if you throw batteries in the rubbish bin,


Batteries contain chemicals that pollute the soil and the water which animals and plants rely on to survive.


We now have a battery recycling bin in the entrance hall at BJS. Please help us keep our planet healthy by recycling as many batteries as possible.

Thank you!


Year 2 Spanish students enjoyed their piñata day at BJS after learning about its origin in China and its arrival in Europe. They also learned about how piñatas already existed in Mexico when the conquistadores arrived.  Including how Aztecs used to honour their gods with them, and how modern day piñatas are commonly associated with Mexico and birthday parties.  Moreover, students learned about its original importance in Spanish celebrations for Lent: as the piñata breaks, the treats inside then represent the rewards of keeping the faith.

Egyptologists in the making…

Year 3 had a fantastic day learning how to be Egyptologists at the Yorkshire Museum. Not only did they learn how to embalm and bandage a mummy and create their own amulets, but they also got to handle real ancient Egyptian artefacts, and even solved the mystery of the missing statue of Anubis!

We think you’ll agree it’s been an exciting and busy week for the Junior School this week.

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