Earlier this year, children from Year 1 to Year 6 entered the National Schools’ Handwriting Competition. The quality of the work submitted was of an extremely high standard with neat handwriting and careful presentation from everyone. We were delighted to hear that Romilly Tuckley in Year 6 has been awarded First Place in her age category. We have a school winner in the Staff category with Amy Bridges also being awarded First Place. A wonderful achievement in a National Competition, very well done!

‘A Play in a Day’

Year 3 put a play on in just one day last week, and taught their families all about the rainforest with their performance!

As-salāmu ʿalaykum

Yr 2 are learning about different religions this term and had a visit from some parents who gave a very interesting and informative talk on Islam.

Entrepreneurial Spirit!

Thursday the 28 June saw the first sales day for our busy entrepreneurs – the culmination of four weeks’ hard work on The Fiver Challenge. Take a look at these fabulous pop-up shops and great product ideas. Well done, Year Six!

BLOOMin’ Marvellous!

Here is BJS’ completed entry for the miniature gardens at this weekends’ Bloom festival. The wheelbarrow garden was put together by the Gardening Club, the miniBEAST group and the year 5 class and will be on display at York Explore at the Central Library.

Festival time!

BJS Y2 Spanish students celebrated the end of Spanish lessons having their own “Pamplona” Festival where the “toros” (San Fermin bulls) chased the “people” on a beautiful sunny day like in Spain in July


Y6 had their final Mandarin lesson of the year today and were set some fun challenges using chopsticks.
Well done to those who sat the ISEB Mandarin exam – exceptional results were achieved with a class average of 93%!

BJS Sports Day

It was such a hot day this Sports Day! The children sheltered under marquees in between their races.

Adventure Time…

Year 3 had a great day meeting lots of interesting creatures at Tropical World!


Very well done Yr 4 for an amazing performance of the Pied Piper.