Yr 6 were lucky enough to get tickets to go and see Macbeth at a pop up theatre in York.  It was an amazing experience, they even got to meet some of the actors during the interval.

Yr 6 student David Vicary very kindly wrote a review of the play as part of his Bronze Art Award:

I thought that Macbeth was an inspirational and really enjoyable play at the Shakespeare Rose Theatre in York. It was quite gruesome and gory as there was fake blood in it and real daggers and swords! We were groundlings so we were on the floor and we were so close that I even got some blood on my shoe! It started off with a bloodthirsty battle and it finished with another exciting, action-packed battle. In the final battle, I loved it when Macduff cut Macbeth’s throat and blood flew off the stage! His whole neck was covered in blood – it was very dramatic. It was a bit gory in some parts, they even picked up people’s heads and put them on spikes. Another great part was when someone was fighting with a dagger and a sword at the same time! I found it really entertaining and I loved it, even though I couldn’t follow everything as some of the language was difficult to understand.

It was a great experience but the weather was scorching hot!! I would recommend going to the Rose Theatre but Macbeth might be a bit gruesome for some people, especially the younger ones! I really liked the actor who was playing Macduff because he was really passionate. So was Macbeth, especially when he was screaming and crying. It really made me feel for the characters when I saw them.

In the actual play my favourite character is Macbeth but because of the acting of Paul Hawkyard, my favourite character is now Macduff.

David Vicary – Age 11