On Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd June at 7.00pm in the Auditorium, the English and Drama departments are staging a joint production of The Glass Menagerie by the American playwright, Tennessee Williams.

Set in the city of St Louis in the 1930s, the play tells the semi-autobiographical story of the Wingfield family, seen through the eyes of Tom Wingfield (Rob Davidson), narrator and protagonist. Tom leads the audience back to his memories of his mother, Amanda (Freya Collins), a former Southern belle abandoned by her husband and left alone to rear Tom and her daughter, the shy and partially crippled Laura (Lois Vohra). Burdened with the role of main breadwinner, in a job he loathes, Tom yearns for adventure and escape but any hope of freeing himself from his responsibilities to Laura in particular depends on the possibility of his sister finding love and marriage. The hopes of all the family rest on the romantic possibility of a gentleman caller (Fergus du Plessis).

In their tiny apartment, set against the ominous backdrop of the Spanish Civil War and the impending Second World War, the Wingfield family, their world and their dreams appear as delicate and fragile as the tiny glass animals which form Laura’s much treasured collection.