The Eco Brick bench is the result of a school wide initiative led by former student Kate Hey to help capture non-recyclable plastics in bottles which are called Eco-Bricks. The process of making an Eco Brick is a long one and it makes you realise how much plastic we throw away despite our best recycling efforts.

The communities of Bootham School, York University Student Union and Applefields School have all collaborated in the production of Eco-Bricks for this project, collecting Eco-Bricks from across York and helping make this bench.


The materials for the bench were all collected from the school skip and skips within the area (Permission was asked before removal). The Wood came from partition walls in the renovated college studies, and the slats for the back came from a dismantled bed.

Students from BEAST helped to glue the Eco-Bricks onto the base and attach them to the back, enabling the project to be completed in 7 hours. Thanks to Htoon for removing screws from the wood and assisting in the development of the frame.

The bench has 68, 2Ltr bottles on its base and 45 bottles on the back, which if filled fully would equate to approximately 52Kg of plastic that is not in landfill.

What next!

We extend a challenge to others to share their Eco-Brick creations and we will continue to collect Eco-Bricks for future projects. We would only like 2 litre straight sided water bottles or 500ml Water bottles, again with straight sides as these can be glued together and removes the need for wood framing. Can we remind people that an Eco brick should be filled with so much plastic that it becomes in-compressible, half filled or under filled Eco-Bricks are hard to use and make our life very difficult, they may end up in the skip unrecycled.

Please sit and relax!