As it is ‘Switch off fortnight’ we wanted to share our top five tips to save energy in school:

There are several ways to help cut down on energy use in school. Our ECO stewards felt strongly that by getting other students in on the action and promoting energy-saving hacks throughout the day, we were one step closer to reducing our carbon footprint. Here are our suggestions:

1. Ask students and teachers to switch off devices.

We all use more and more smart devices in school nowadays. Smartphones and tablets use electricity just to stay powered on. If you can keep any devices turned off whilst not in use, you will end up saving energy since you won’t need to recharge as often.

2. Turn off lights when you leave a room.

Switching the lights off when you leave the classroom seems like a pretty obvious task, but it’s something we all forget. Remind the students to turn off all lights when a room is empty. Easy!

3. Unplug when you’re finished.

Projectors, televisions, computers and interactive boards all use small amounts of energy if left plugged in. If a device has a remote or a display light, then you can guarantee it will be using electricity, even when it’s powered off. Encourage teachers to unplug these type of items when they are not in use.

4. Use timers to turn things on and off

If unplugging lights, devices or anything that uses the school’s electricity is not suitable, there you could consider using timers. It’s pretty simple and one less thing for you to remember. In addition, you’re also saving energy.

5. Keep your door closed

Heating a room can be expensive, especially during the winter. It’s very distracting when all you can think about is how hot or cold you are; the same applies to students. By keeping your classroom door closed, you can cut down on energy consumption. Keeping a door open lets hot air escape, making the heating work overtime.

Our stewards have been checking our classrooms regularly throughout Switch off fortnight and leaving “calling cards.” This week they will also be conducting an undercover energy “audit” around school.

So, remember to switch those lights off everyone!