College at Bootham is a successful cross between school and university, where students can thrive intellectually and personally. There is a strong demand for places. Each year, a number of students apply to join Bootham from other schools. The warm friendly atmosphere means they quickly settle in and make friends with those who joined the school earlier.

Bootham is a community where staff and students know each other well. The style is not as formal as some other schools or colleges but it is nonetheless extremely effective. Bootham provides a different kind of learning environment. Students acquire the academic qualifications they need to go on to the next stage of education, but they also acquire the wisdom needed to lead a ‘good life’: a strong sense of social understanding, the skills to deal with adversity, tolerance and respect for others, and a strong sense of self-worth.

Expectations are high, not only in the classroom but also outside of it. Our teachers expect college students to think for themselves. This ability to both answer the questions and question the answers is one of the key reasons why Bootham students are so successful in reaching their chosen universities and succeeding when they are there.

Class sizes are small. This allows students to receive tailored help and guidance. Students are placed in small tutor groups of between 8 and 10 students. Tutors get to know their students extremely well and this allows them to support them in all matters, both academic and pastoral.

The School offers a wide range of interesting and challenging activities and encourages all students to become involved in voluntary and community service in line with its Quaker ethos.

Fast Facts

More than 72% of A Level Grades in 2017 were in the top A*to B grades.
73% students achieved their first choice of university

Recent university destinations include:
• Oxford and Cambridge
• University College London
• King’s College London
• Imperial College London
• London School of Economics
• Royal Academy of Music
• Guildhall School of music and Drama
• Glasgow School of Art

Career Advice

Our Head of College works closely with staff, organisations and other individuals to structure a two-year programme of guidance and support. All students take part in ‘Specials’, an enrichment programme which covers subjects such as employment skills, online safety, interview techniques, Gap Years, and UCAS applications.

Bootham is fortunate to have close links with both York universities and lecturers often lead presentations to students and parents on a wide variety of subjects.

The School has also developed.a network of current and past parents and Old Scholars who provide work experience/mentoring to current students.

Old Scholars

On leaving Bootham, every student automatically becomes an Old Scholar. This not only gives them access to a thriving social network but also provides them with valuable contacts for future career and networking opportunities.

News and stories

Last Week at the Junior School

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Send My Friend to School

On Friday 21st June Rachael Maskell MP visited Bootham School to meet with some Upper School Room students. All schoolrooms students have taken part in the Send My Friend to School campaign which aims to help unlock education for all children around the...

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York Festival of Ideas

College I Economics and Politics students visited the University of York for an enrichment day last week. The day, A Fair Economy. A Better World, was part of the York Festival of Ideas. We investigated whether it is feasible to create a fair and resilient economic...

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