Food Technology

Food technology is taught in the Junior years and is often linked directly to a topic, for instance Year 6 may explore cooking using rations whilst studying their topic ‘War and Peace’.


As well as having a computer suite and computers in every classroom, there are interactive whiteboards throughout the school. Tablets are used when appropriate, particularly for coding, topic-based research, animation and presentations.


Children will learn about the development of their own community, of Britain and the world through the study of historical events. We organise visits both into York and further afield, on a regular basis. Children are encouraged to develop a sense of identity and an...


Children will be helped to develop an understanding and awareness of their local environment and that of the world. Through personal experience, field study and the use of maps, photographs and pictures, the children will begin to understand and appreciate the world...


We encourage artistic expression by inspiring the children to develop their individual creative abilities. We teach different artistic techniques and styles and help children to appreciate and understand the work of famous artists in different periods of history. A...