This week WAG have entered the #EndhungerUK poetry competition.  The poems below have been written by Bootham students. The campaign is working to highlight the route causes of poverty in the UK which lead to hunger. Find out more about them on twitter following #endhungeruk or on their website at 


You don’t have to be
On the streets daily to starve
It’s happening here.

Freya Forbes


She sits before an empty table, her eyes empty and sad
Will the food ever arrive? She’s waiting for her Dad.
In the room next door a young girl cries.
‘I don’t want my greens!’ ‘I just want to eat fries’
She doesn’t have the energy to give her Dad a hug,
He returned empty-handed, doesn’t even have a mug
‘Drink your hot chocolate! Don’t spill it on the floor!’
It’s hard to believe that they just live next door.

Carol Chen