Emily Watson, Ellie Maury and Sammy Johnson competed in the Year 11 and Under and the Open Woodwind classes at this year’s Mrs Sunderland Music Competition in Huddersfield Town Hall. In the Year 11 class Emily was awarded 1st place and won the Holmes Cup for the third consecutive year, Ellie was awarded 2nd place and Sammy 3rd place. In the Open class Emily was awarded 2nd place and Ellie 3rd place.

All three students (as Bootham School Flute Trio and as members of Les Six) also competed in the Open Small Ensemble Class. This class was an exceptionally high standard and the trio were awarded distinction but were unplaced. Les Six, however, were awarded 3rd place and were placed in the Outstanding category behind competitors who were considerably older and more experienced.



Rachel and Leon Zhuang were extremely successful, particularly in the duet classes. Between them they won two 3rd place, one 2nd place and four 1st places – well done on a most successful competition!

Congratulations also to Tommy Sun. Tommy had a hugely successful competition entering 4 classes and being placed in every class. In the Year 12 and Under and the Piano Recital Class, he was awarded 2nd place, in the Year 10 and Under, 3rd place and in the Sonatina Class, 1st place. Tommy has been playing the piano for less than 3 years and it shows that with a good work ethic and a responsive attitude, great things can be achieved. Well done, Tommy!

Yilin and Yiyang Xu participated in both the Mrs Sunderland Competition in Huddersfield and the Harrogate Music Festival, where both were successful.

In Huddersfield, Yilin won the String Open class and Yiyang won the Year 9 and Under String class and was awarded 2nd place in the Year 11 and Under. Yiyang was also successful in several piano classes receiving two 2nd places.

In Harrogate, Yilin won the Open String class and Yiyang was placed in Year 9 and Under String class. Both were put through to a further competitive round. As a result of this Yilin was invited to perform at the Festival concert, but due to schoolwork pressure decided against it.

Well done to both Yilin and Yiyang!