Creative arts and social action

On Tuesday 9 October, we were pleased to welcome Maddy Leftwich (Old Scholar 2008), and Haylee Venus the founder of a theatre company called Mek Ah Step, into school.  Maddy and Haylee are now involved in a joint initiative to combine the creative arts with social action and their morning meeting, lessons with Lower and Middle Schoolroom classes, as well as Specials brought this alive.

During morning meeting Haylee encouraged some of the pupils and staff members to create a spontaneous rap, below are the words to both raps along with pictures from the entire day, it really was inspirational and thought provoking.

We are grateful to this dynamic two for bringing energy and creativity into the school that day, and look forward to working with them again.

School Life
Get into school
It’s so cool.
Doing my classes
Not many clashes
Bootham life, no strife
Quaker rules, our school’s
Peace, equality, truth,

Dreams can fall apart from the seams
But hold onto your focus
Do surround yourself with the best teams
And don’t take no fuss
Hold onto your dreams.