Amid the hustle and bustle of boarding life we are fortunate to be able to spend time on a Sunday evening in quiet reflection. The Quaker meetings allow the boarders to meet together as a community and reflect on a range of inspiring and relevant themes. So far this term Chris Jeffrey has spoken with the students about the impact that they make in the school and how they would like to be remembered, Sarah Allen led a reflection on peace and Beth Steer and David Swales both spoke on the theme of home.  David’s meeting took place on World Quaker Day and perfectly encapsulated this year’s theme of “crossing cultures, sharing stories”. The boarders thought about the passage from Quaker Faith and Practice which begins “Do you try and make your home a place of friendliness, refreshment and peace?” and used Lego to reflect on how we each bring our own unique characters and experiences together to turn the boarding houses into homes.