Big Wide World Club

Last week, Big Wide World Club ‘visited’ Japan. They learnt some basic greetings, the etiquette behind kow-towing and made origami bookmarks. This week, karaoke and noodle-slurping!

Year 3

Last week Year 3 made their own thaumatropes, as part of a DT lesson on Victorian toys and early animation.

They also had a very busy day at Ripon Workhouse Museum, where they learnt how to sweep, polish, bake bread, make rag rugs, do the laundry and more!

Year 4

As part of their study of the Stone Age to Iron Age period Year 4 visited York Museum. They had the opportunity to handle genuine prehistoric artefacts. They were also involved in a variety of workshops giving them a glimpse of their ancestors’ way of life.

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