World Book Day

The kids (and teachers) made an amazing effort with all their different costumes.

Books, blankets and biscuits – Year 3 found the perfect way to finish off World Book Day!


BJS Spanish students started Lent with a traditional “piñata day”

Hot stuff!

Year 3 created their own Ancient Egyptian amulets by carving molds in plaster, then melting pewter in the cob oven and pouring it in (with a bit of help from Mr Thorpe!).

Rocks and Soils

Year 3 launched their new science topic, ‘Rocks and Soils’, with a fabulous workshop in which they learnt about how different kinds of rocks and soils are made, handled a whole variety of rocks and fossils, and made friends with a couple of worms!

Parcour ‘Bootham Style’! 

Year 6 Outdoor Activity Club had a fantastic time on Tuesday night on the banks of the River Ouse.