Flight of fancy?

Year 4 have been learning about British garden birds. They opened a “Bird Café” in an effort to attract more feathered friends into the school playground.

ECO Bricks Update

Thank you very much for all the ECO Bricks sent in to school so far.

Our Mini-BEAST group have been working together to create a fabulous collection box which is now located by the front door. They explained in assembly how they made it and why we are collecting ECO Bricks. Please add any completed bottles to our box. We are also happy to receive some clean, empty bottles which people are welcome to take as they need. Some completed examples are on display to show how tightly packed the bottles need to be in order to build with them.

Thank you.


Year 3 have been combining their scientific investigation of light, colour and translucency with their study of abstract art to create their own stained glass windows.

Veggie Rolls

Y6 Food Technology Group 1 made veggie rolls last week. They now have a repertoire of 3 basic meals they they can prepare at home with the family. All super tasty, healthy meals.