Ooh la la! 

Year 4 shared their ‘edible’ French homework with the class. They all enjoyed delicious profiteroles and a beautiful tarte Tatin.

Mummies the word…

Year 3 have been mummifying oranges by scooping out their internal organs, filling the cavity with natron salt and wrapping them in strips of cloth


Year 4 enjoyed a Yoga taster session. Balancing, focusing and relaxing were some of the skills the children had to master.

Year 4 also learned many interesting facts about York during their GOAL (Game of Actual life) workshop last week. They had the opportunity to apply mathematical skills estimating and calculating distances around York and to present their findings to the class.

What a ‘Ka’ hoot!

Year 6 revised adverbs and adverbial clauses with interactive quiz Kahoot. We love our grammar!

The white stuff…

It was agreed that ALL school years at BJS enjoyed the snow when it finally came our way last Friday.