Junior Staff

Helen Todd (Headteacher)

Anna Harrison (Deputy Head)

Pamela Gilchrist (Nursery -EYFS, Art and DT)

Louise Leaf (Reception – EYFS Manager, SENCO and RE)

Julie Gardiner (Year 1 Teacher, Humanities, Curriculum Co-ordinator)

Sally Kay (Year 2 Teacher, Cultural Studies)

Eva Attridge (Year 3 Teacher, English)

Valerie Davies (Year 4 Teacher, Science)

Jackie Love (Year 5 Teacher, Thinking Skills)

Steven Taylor (Year 5 Teacher, Director of Sport)

Katy Cave (Year 6 Teacher, Mathematics, Assessment Co-ordinator)

Kate McCallam (Year 6 Teacher, Computing maternity cover)

Raphaella Mackenzie (Year 6 Teacher, English maternity leave)

Kay Brooks (Swimming, Food Tech)

Jack MacKenzie (Director of Music)

Jay Thorpe (Outdoor Education Co-ordinator)

George Trifan (Games Coach)

Julie Howard (Assistant Swimming Teacher)

Neil Friend (PE)

Shelley Roper (KS2 and after school care)

Amy Bridges (KS2 and activities)

Louise Ferguson (KS1 and after school care)

Aimee McLaren (EYFS Apprentice)

Siham Welham (EYFS)

Hayley Johnson (EYFS)

Linda Salkeld (Supervisor)

Mingju Hou (Mandarin)

Angelica Coates (Spanish)

Dina Bonner (German)

Graham Smith (Caretaker)

Tom Kaye (Catering Manager)

Sue Hollins School (Secretary)

Lucy Brown (Admin Assistant)

Senior Staff


David Swales (Head of Art Department)
Rachel Antill,

Richard Barnes,

Emily Harper,

Freya Horsley


Robert Gardiner (Head of Biology Department)
Harriet Ennis,

Catherine Rowell,

Mike Shaw,

Sue Tomlinson


Richard Burton (Head of Careers Department)
Elizabeth Gallagher-Coates


Mark Robinson (Head of Chemistry Department)
Lindsey Robertson,

Catherine Rowell,

Sue Tomlinson


Sarah Robinson (Head of Classics Department)
Sally Gray,

Gillian England


Simon Benson (Head of Drama Department)
Joan Attwell


Eamonn Molloy (Head of DT Department)
Amanda Underwood


Sarah O’Keeffe (Head of Economics Department)
Shazma White


Gill Simpson (Head of English Department)
Andrew Bell,

Elizabeth Gallagher-Coates,

Emma Glover,

Helen Sharp


Elizabeth Brown (Head of Geography Department)
Robert Graham,

Anne Partridge,

Angela Woods


Elizabeth McCulloch (Head of History Department)
Martyn Beer,

Ben Coxon,

Kitty Wilson

Learning Support

Kerri Haynes-McDonnell (Head of Learning Support Department)
Helena Landau,

Kelly McCarthy (i/c EAL)


Laura Herring


Mathew Aston (Head of Maths Department)
Steve Elsworth,

Lis Hooley,

Will Lewis,

Mandy Naylor,

Sue Porter,

James Ratcliffe,

Anne Whittle

Modern Foreign Language

Christina Oliver (German and French) (Head of Modern Foreign Languages Department)
Dina Bonner (German Assistant),

Angelica Coates (Spanish Assistant),

Carol Campbell (French and Spanish),

Ruth Crabtree (French),

Catherine Morin (French Assistant),

Mark Shuttleworth (French),

Emma Thomas (Spanish)


Paul Feehan (Head of Music Department)
Paul Baily,

Richard Burton,

Jack MacKenzie,

Anthea Shepherdson

Peripatetic Music Staff: –

Carolyn Amos (Flute),

Paul Baily (Piano),

Tim Bayley (Clarinet/Saxaphone),

Des Clarke (Oboe),

Kathryn Coombes (Piano),

Isabel Dowell (Bassoon),

Cameron Edgar (Bagpipes),

Hannah Feehan (Guitar),

Alex Hogg (Guitar),

Rob Jarvis (Guitar),

Tom Johnson (Drums),

Claire Jowett (Violin/Viola),

Julia Ledger (Voice),

Anna Marshall (Brass),

David Mather (Piano),

Rosie Morris (Double Bass),

Nikki Warrington (Flute/Pop Voice),

Kate White (Clarinet/Saxophone),

Kieran White (Jazz Piano),

Peter Widgery (Horn),

Iain Wilson (Drum kit/Percussion)

Religeous Studies

Tracey Copestake (Head of Religious Studies Department)
Sarah Allen

Physical Education

Alison Moreland (Head of PE Department)
Andrew Bell,

Ben Coxon,

Robert Graham,

Jay Thorpe,

George Trifan,

Angela Woods


Kirsten Cooper  (Head of Physics Department)
Russell Newlands,

Peter Rankin,

Cathy Rowell


Harriet Ennis (Head of Psychology Department)

Elizabeth Gallagher-Coates

Pastoral Care

Head of Schoolrooms (Year 7,8,9)

Lis Hooley

Form Tutors

Lower Schoolroom (Year 7)

Carol Campbell (7CC)
Christina Oliver (7CO)

Form Tutors

Middle Schoolroom (Year 8)

Kelly McCarthy (8KMC)
Emily Harper (8EH)
Kitty Wilson (8KVW)

Form Tutors

Upper Schoolroom (Year 9)

Sarah Allen (9SA)
Mathew Aston (9MDA)
Paul Feehan (9PF)

Head of Seniors (Year 10,11)

Andrew Bell

Form Tutors

Lower Senior (Year 10)

Ben Coxon (10BC)
Mandy Naylor (10ALN)
Mark Shuttleworth (10MJS)
Emma Thomas (10EJT)
Angela Woods (10AEW)

Form Tutors

Upper Senior (Year 11)

Martyn Beer (11MJB)
Simon Benson (11SB)
Kerri Haynes-McDonnell (11KHM)
Peter Rankin (11PR)
Gill Simpson (11GMS)

Head of College (Year 12,13)

Richard Burton

Deputy Head

Martyn Beer

Lodge (Health Centre)

Alice Ovenden (Nurse Manager), Melanie Carter, Rosa Di Lorenzo, Sharmayne Repetto-Lee

To email a member of staff use firstname.lastname followed by @boothamschool.com – e.g. John Smith John.Smith@boothamschool.com

If you experience any difficulty, please contact office@boothamschool.com

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This week at the Junior School

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