Science and Industry Museum

Junior School Year 6 had great day this week, with super workshops at the Science and Industry Museum at Manchester, so much STEM learning.

Junior School Year 5 Residential

What an amazing residential Year 5 have had at Castle Head Field Centre in Cumbria! As part of their coastal study, they took part in a seashore safari and litter was collected from the seashore, also a sea level traverse and walk on Humphrey Head. They found out about the dangers of quicksand! Changes in depth, width, speed and inhabitants along the river Eea were studied. Year 5 set out mammal traps and found a new friend waiting for them in the morning! Some raft building and a birthday celebration too!

Lots of personal challenges were met, great team spirit and a sense of adventure from everyone. A full week of, collaboration, creativity, independence, resilience, reflection and adventure!

Howsham Mill

An action packed day on Monday at Howsham Mill for Year 3. We made and tested solar ovens, mini water wheels, an Archimedes screw and toasted Marshmallows on the fire. We walked round the island spotting features about the river and the canal and kept a sharp eye out for the otters that live on this river bank. Even the composting toilet was a source of fascination!

Outdoor Education

It has been lovely to welcome back Mr Thorpe to the Junior School this term.  This week he has been back in the woods with Reception class, taking Humpty for a walk and making house for him.