Joining Information for New Parents

Please find below some useful information for new parents. Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions can be found under the more information section of the website.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Registrar Jenny Daly at

Full joining information will be sent by email prior to your child joining the school.

General Clothing & Equipment

Our aim is to establish a neat and purposeful atmosphere for work, whilst still allowing a degree of individual choice.

For the first three years at Bootham, there is a school uniform. From Lower Senior (Year 10), home clothes are worn and dress regulations apply. For details of general clothing and equipment, dress codes for all year groups and sports clothing and equipment lists please click on the appropriate link below.

Dress Codes 2017

General Clothing and Equipment Information 2017

Girls Sports Clothing and Equipment 2017

Boys Sports Clothing and Equipment 2017

Bootham School Association

What is the BSA?

The BSA is a non-profit making organisation which organises and encourages opportunities for friendship, fellowship and fun for its membership.

Run by a voluntary committee comprising parents, staff and old scholars, the association also helps to promote and support Bootham School, helping at open mornings, welcome events for new parents, and at other events in the school calendar.   In addition, the BSA runs a programme of social and sporting events where members are able to use the excellent facilities available throughout the school.

Comments below are from the Independent Schools Inspectorate report on Bootham School, January 2014

“At all stages, the school has established excellent links with parents. All parts of the school show a genuine desire to involve parents in their work and in their children’s education.”

BSA Junior

BSA Junior is the Junior School part of the BSA. It has a separate committee which organises events and activities taking place on the junior school site.

How do I Become a Member?

All parents and guardians of current Bootham School pupils (Junior and Senior) are encouraged to be members. There is an annual charge of £10.00 per family which is added to the invoice for the autumn term. Families not wishing to be members should advise the Bursar. Funds are used to help with the running costs of events and activities. Funding of special projects by the staff and children is also supported.

To contact the BSA please email

Information for New Boarders


You will find that your child is provided with a modest amount of storage space, which should be ample if you stick to the packing list. Please do not bring television sets, games consoles or catering equipment (kettles, toasters and so on) because these are already provided in our common room areas. Large sound systems are likely to cause problems in a shared room, unless matched with a good set of headphones. Generally, enough clothing to get through about ten days should be more than sufficient, as our laundry service can return items within a week.

A suggested packing list will be provided by House staff.


The School provides a laundry service and each bedroom has a laundry bag that is collected weekly, on either Monday or Tuesday. Clothes are returned fully laundered by Friday of the same week. For this system to work it is important that all clothes are clearly labelled.

Bedding is collected fortnightly and students are expected to strip their beds and put their clean bedding onto beds themselves.

In addition, each Boarding House has a student laundry, equipped with washing machines, tumble driers and ironing boards. Junior students are encouraged to make full use of the School laundry service. In all cases, students may only use the student laundry in the hours before 10 pm, and should complete a very simple user-course (it takes about half an hour!) before they can use the machines.


Storage is limited so please use soft holdalls rather than trunks or large suitcases. You are advised to pack only one medium-sized suitcase of possessions, and that your total baggage weight should not exceed 20kg, including hand luggage. Storage during the holidays is very limited and we can only offer each student limited space to keep essential stores at school over the summer holidays.


Mobile phones, MP3 players, handheld games consoles, laptops and other high value items may be brought, but please remember to provide a padlock and a spare key so that these can be locked away safely when note in use. You are advised to make sure that all such items are clearly labelled with the owner’s name. The school does not carry insurance for the theft or loss of students’ personal valuables.

Cash and Wallets/Purses

Students are not expected to hold large amounts of cash in their bedrooms, and for day-to-day use a maximum of £5 should be sufficient. The house staff can look after credit cards, passports and larger amounts of cash and students can have access to these whenever needed.

Imported Food

It is natural for students to want to bring a few reminders of home with them, but York has several specialist supermarkets selling imported stock from Hong Kong, Thailand, India and Korea. It may be much easier to buy these things here, rather than pack the same products in your son’s/daughter’s luggage.

Electrical Equipment

The school maintains a policy in respect of electrical equipment brought into the School, as part of its Health and Safety management system. The following types of electrical equipment must not be brought into school: toasters, sandwich toasters. hotplates and other cooking equipment, open bar fires, fan heaters, kettles, electric blankets, refrigerators, televisions.

Televisions, refrigerators, kettles and toasters are provided by school, in a number of areas within the main school and boarding area. Any electrical item brought into school must meet British Standards, as indicated on the equipment, and will need to be PAT tested by the school.

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