International Admissions

Bootham School welcomes admissions from international students and currently has students from more than 20 countries.

Students from outside the EU will require a Tier 4 student visa in order to gain entry to the UK for their studies. Before you apply for your visa, you will need a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies, which we obtain for you via the UK Visas and Immigration. For more information contact our admissions department

EAL (English as an Additional Language Provision for Overseas Pupils)

We provide additional English language teaching to assist pupils whose first language is not English.

In the early years up to four lessons a week on a one-to- one or very small group setting are offered. As students progress through the school and their English becomes accurate and fluent, this support is reviewed. International students who enter College may also receive classes to prepare them for IELTS (British university English language entrance tests).

The EAL department at Bootham is invaluable in enabling students to be successful in their
subsequent university studies.

Where the school determines that a student needs EAL support, these classes will be compulsory and are included in the termly fees.

UK Guardians and Travel Arrangements

All students whose parents live abroad are required to have a UK Guardian for the duration of their time at Bootham School. An approved Guardian will be over the age of 25 and will be either a family member, a family friend or approved by a recognised agency and DBS checked. University students living in University halls of residence will not be accepted as legitimate Guardians.

If you know that your son or daughter is going to spend more than 28 days at any one time with their UK Guardian or any other adult who is not a relative then you have a duty to advise the local council of the arrangement. The Children Act defines ‘relative’ in relation to a child as a grandparent, brother, sister, uncle or aunt. They could be a full or half relation, and could be related by marriage. The term also includes a step-parent. A cohabitee of the mother or father would not qualify as a relative, neither would extended family such as great aunt/uncle or parent’s cousins.

The role of a UK Guardian

We would like to emphasise the importance of the UK guardian who acts, primarily, as an adult whose advice and support your son/daughter can call upon if needed.

A UK guardian might be asked to accompany a student on journeys between the School and the airport. A student will be expected to stay with their UK guardian during Leave Weekends when there is no Saturday school, during holidays or half-terms, or in emergency situations.  For example, we may need to send a student with an infectious condition to stay with guardians at very short notice.

A UK guardian will be expected to assist with making travel arrangements – see section headed ‘Travel Arrangements’ below. For these reasons it is strongly advised that Guardians live within a reasonable distance; ideally within two hours of the School.

Choosing a UK Guardian

If you have family or a close family friend living in the UK who is prepared to act as UK guardian this is usually preferable. Alternatively, there are many agencies who offer guardianship services.

Some Questions to ask when choosing an agency

  • Are they compliant with all current legislation relating to the care of children studying at Boarding School – with reference to the Children Act 2004?
  • Are all of their host families checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service (do they have a DBS Clearance)?
  • Do they have 24 Hour Emergency Telephone Contact?
  • Do they keep in regular contacts with the students/school?
  • Students joining from some countries are required to register with the police within a
    specified time on arrival in the UK – will they arrange this?
  • Will my son/daughter go to the same family each leave weekend/holiday?
  • Will they help with my son’s/daughter’s travel arrangements? How close to York is their office? If the office is a long way from the school – do they have hosts families/representatives in or around York?

Local Guardian Agencies used by current students at Bootham School

We are not allowed to recommend particular agencies to our parents. However, here are the contact details for two of the most local agencies that are used by families of some of our current students whose families live overseas.

Mrs Ann Lane

Heritage Educational Planning – Harrogate
[Harrogate is approximately 30km north west of York]
Telephone: +44 (0)1423 520126

Angela Fan

Study Links International – Bradford
(Bradford is approximately 60km south west of York)
Telephone: +44 (0)1274 679710

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