It is with great sadness yesterday that we received the news of the death of Ian Small, Headmaster of Bootham School from 1988-2004, following a short illness. The love, thoughts and prayers of our community are extended to his friends on the staff, former students and, most especially, his daughters , Catherine, Naomi and Hannah. We, along with the wider Quaker family, hold you all in the light.

Ian was a remarkable man, whose generous leadership of Bootham and its progress under his diligent stewardship is remembered very fondly and with great gratitude. He continued to support the school, as a member of the BOSA committee and through his regular support of events such as Reflect30. I personally found his kindness and gentle wisdom, carefully offered, a great support as I first got to know the school and its ways. He will be greatly missed at Bootham, in York more widely, and beyond (not least for his role in the HMC Projects scholarship system that supports college students from eastern Europe each year).

A Memorial Meeting will be held at Bootham on the afternoon of 11th November and more details will be circulated later.

With best wishes and in Friendship