Grace Whorley in College Two has been selected to volunteer in Tanzania with Voluntary Service Overseas on an International Citizen Service placement. She will be volunteering in Tanzania for just under 3 months from September. Whilst in Tanzania, Grace will be staying with a host family in Iringa in order to fully immerse herself into the local culture and will be volunteering in local primary schools to improve children’s learning and participation.
Her first challenge is to raise £800 towards the work of VSO and their ICS partners. The money raised will go towards the overall costs of ICS, ensuring they can continue sending youth volunteers, like herself, to the developing world to make a lasting difference in disadvantaged communities.
To start her fundraising journey Grace organised £1 bake sales on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th April where she sold a fantastic selection of delicious home baked goods. She raised a wonderful £225 from these bake sales! This money will make a huge difference to the lives of people in developing countries, through the work of VSO. It is also over 25% of the money Grace needs to fundraise for her VSO placement in Tanzania.
If you would like to visit her JustGiving page for more information please click here: