Natural History Trip

At the end of the summer term twelve dedicated Schoolroom students spend 3 days looking at the fauna and flora of the local area. Departing school, tents were erected at Howsham Mill before fossil hunting on Cayton bay and a trip to see Europe’s largest dinosaur footprints filled the afternoon. The evening was an immersion into local Bat populations, observing local species at close hand and listening to the local Dorbenton’s and Pipistrelles as they flew overhead.

Day two Involved the positioning of motion sensitive cameras in a local wood, sampling the stream bed for invertebrates and setting up Longworth mammal traps overnight to collect small mammals that live on the island. A fantastic sunset view of the Howardian Hills and York from the top of Spy hill allowed the students to understand the geography of the local area.

Early on day 3 the traps were checked, and the cameras reviewed before some creative writing focused on exploring all of the senses used during the previous few day’s encounters with wildlife. Tents were packed up and a tired but happy group of students returned school on Saturday afternoon.