Design & Technology Students Win 1st Prize

On Tuesday Qiu Qiu Chen, Henry Elsome, Jimmy Zhang and Emily Watson attended the annual Rotary Schools Technology Tournament at Portakabin in Huntington.

Twenty eight groups from schools in York and the surrounding area competed in the event.  Most noteworthy in an engineering task that would have tested the most experienced of engineers. First of all students had to produce a working prototype model of a crane, which would be able to recover a hazardous chemical container. Furthermore a low bridge obstructed easy access for the crane, so the crane required a movable jib which could be operated from a distance. So Bootham’s budding engineers came up with an inspired solution.  Not only that incorporated a motor and pulleys allowing for speed reduction; but also an electrical switch (made from scratch) allowing the motor to reverse direction.

The Design & Technology Students won first prize for their model which worked seamlessly. In addition they also won best portfolio for their age group.

Well done.