Bootham came second in the UKMT maths team challenge out of over 22 schools in our region. Students were Grace Wiggers, Benji Alwis, Rohith Raman and Charlie Thornton who were all fantastic demonstrating their maths skills under pressure.

In addition, 47 students from Upper Schoolroom and Lower Senior recently entered the UKMT Individual Maths Challenges which involves intriguing multiple choice question papers, designed to stimulate interest in maths in large numbers of pupils.

7 students received a gold certificate, 9 silver and 14 bronze.

Fuyi Xu was awarded best in school and best in year for Lower Senior; she went through to the Hamilton Round which is a gruelling 2 hour challenge! Emily Watson and Zhehan Hu qualified for the Pink Kangaroo. Rohith Raman was best in year for Upper Schoolroom and went through to the Grey Kangaroo.

The Junior Individual Challenge takes place on the 26th April, keep your eyes peeled for the results.

For further information about the UKMT Individual Maths Challenge, including future dates and category info then please go to