Stretching the mind…

Bootham’s Head of Psychology, Harriet Ennis, has been given an award by the British Psychological Society (BPS) for Public Engagement, largely in recognition of her work with the York Independent State Schools Partnership (ISSP) in promoting the subject. Psychology is a challenging science and Harriet has been teaching it to stretch able students as young as 11 and to a wider Bootham community audience. The York ISSP is recognised as the best of its kind in the UK, having delivered over 5,000 opportunities for enrichment to ‘able & interested’ students since its inception in 2006. Harriet runs Psychology master classes, a Psychology summer school and collaborated on a residential ISSP course in the Lake District teaching Psychology skills for success, well-being and peak performance. She also presents public lectures as part of Bootham School’s Recital Room lecture series and as part of the Activities programme at Bootham, she runs ‘Psychology experiments for Seniors’ once a week.

A-level psychologists also recently entered The University of York’s research competition and won. Students designed their own research, collected and analysed their data and presented it in the form of a scientific poster. Harriet believes there are a wide variety of opportunities to explore the nature of humanity within this lively STEM subject.

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