A Message from International Voluntary Service

International Voluntary Service (IVS – which was founded by Quakers nearly 90 years ago) is the UK’s oldest volunteering charity. We believe – as do Quakers – that dialogue, shared practical work and social interaction between people of different nationalities and cultures can improve international understanding and relationships.  As a volunteer once said: “when you have worked with people, got to know them and understand their lives, you can never go to war with them.”

Unlike other charities, we have very few staff.  We do not use people’s donations for big salaries or for pricey premises.  What we receive we spend on helping people of all ages – but especially young people – to have a volunteering experience that will change their lives for good, help other people live a better life and will “give peace a chance.”

So why should people donate to support IVS? Over the decades IVS has played a part in chipping away at deep prejudices fuelled by the mass media. Today, as we all battle against fake news, the abuse of social media and the rise in nationalism, engaging internationally through volunteering is just as relevant as ever.  Yet IVS finds that it is struggling to survive financially.  This is because one of our key sources of funds has been from European schemes – now closed to us.

  • Please help us to carry on the good work. Every £600 raised will help IVS fund its programmes for volunteers for one week.

Go to IVS’ website – https://ivsgb.org – and press that donate button – please!


Image: An IVS volunteer (Guy Hutton – 2nd from left in yellow top), working on an education programme in the Ukraine, with students with special needs and teachers