Why Choose The Foundation Course

Some international students need an extra year of study before starting their A level course. This allows them to improve their English Language skills before starting on these very important examinations. The Bootham School A Level Foundation Course allows international students to develop the skills they need to be successful in their A Level studies and future academic careers.

Course Content

The programme includes academic, social, cultural and physical activities to broaden learning including: • Comprehensive Cultural Programme to enrich the understanding of the English language and British culture. • A varied curriculum including Music, Drama and Art, Business or Economics  • Physical Education • Study Skills • Personalised Support


Age Range: 15+ Course requirement: All applicants will sit a standard English test and reports from current schools will be required. For further information, please contact our Registrar Jenny Daly: admissions@boothamschool.com Tel: +44 1904 623261

Boarding at Bootham

Bootham School is a top UK boarding school in the beautiful and historic City of York. Our international students come from a wide range of countries and make up a friendly and welcoming community.  Many of our international students join us at age 11 and stay at Bootham until going to one of the top UK universities. Other students join us at sixth form to study for A Levels, and to benefit from all the opportunities a British boarding school education can provide.

A message from the Head

"Bootham offers excellent, knowledgable and passionate teachers in a caring and supportive environment. "

Chris Jeffery, Head

Bootham School

A message from the Head
Bootham is not a typical private school! That was one of the clear and positive messages to come from recent independent, in-depth research we carried out. Not that it doesn’t present all the things that a really good private school should offer; far from it. It offers excellent, knowledgable and passionate teachers with the time and resources to teach their subjects; an emphasis on personalised, well resourced pastoral care and personal development; a proven record of the vast majority of its students winning a place on a chosen university course; a huge range of sporting, cultural, outdoors and leadership/service opportunities available to all; great public exam results; what you’d expect. But it offers more than that…and some approaches that are different from the picture many people have in their heads of what a private school is like. Arising from our Quaker foundation, practices and heritage (you can read more about that here), Bootham has a much clearer understanding of the ultimate purpose of the education that it offers than any school I’ve ever known. It goes about helping students to achieve lifelong success and flourishing in a different way, not by emphasising conformity or the primacy of exam-related endeavour, but rather the development of intrinsic motivation and individuality –‘that of God’ (or good) in Quaker language- in the context of a hugely supportive community that is founded on clear, enduring, well practised and well understood  values. It’s an approach that produces students who leave the school comfortable in their own skin, confident in the unique combination of strengths and talents that they have been helped to discover, and aware of their responsibility to make the world they are going into a better, fairer and more peaceful place. I firmly believe that all parents ultimately want their children to be good people even more that they want them to be successful people; doing both is what we specialise in! Bootham has been called “York’s thinking parents’ school” [Good School’s Guide] I hope that what you read and see on this website will intrigue you to think about the lifelong purpose of your child’s education and academic success. Furthermore, I hope that it will encourage you to think about coming to visit us to experience the school’s very special -and rather different- atmosphere for yourselves. I look forward to meeting you!”
Chris Jeffery, BA


The Purpose of a Bootham Education

Bootham is a Quaker School. Its purpose is to liberate its young people, equipping them to flourish as adults and to live adventurous lives that will serve to create a better world.

News and stories

Community Music Concert

Calling all musicians whether students, staff or parents to take part in a musical extravaganza on Thursday the 14th March to raise money for the charity - The Dragonfly Schools Foundation. All abilities and all musical genres welcome. The timing will be 7 - 9.30pm in...

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Words not Weapons!

Zara and Freya Forbes have entered the Save the Children ‘Words not Weapons’ creative arts competition which is part of the ongoing campaign to achieve peace in Yemen. Both students were moved to enter this competition following the work they did last year...

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Last week at the Junior School

Epiphany Celebrations Year 2 Spanish students had a happy surprise when they came back to school last Tuesday... the Three Kings had visited them and left some sweets in their made up shoes. This is the tradition in Hispanic countries on the 6th of...

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