Welcome back to the new academic year and we hope that you had an environmentally aware break. The environment has been a significant part of the summer news and it can all feel that it is too much effort and we should just give up. BEAST however is starting the year afresh and with renewed vigour, we will be making some sustainable furniture form the Eco bottles we collected and in some ways I am glad to say that we are no longer collecting Eco-bricks at the senior school. The process taught me just how much plastic I throw away despite my best recycling efforts and that 600g of plastic is a significant volume of material and Eco-Bricks are hard to make. We would like to thank the students from Applefields school and the York University Students Union who all contributed Ecobricks to us making this a community based effort.

Our attempts to increase the recycling of the community has increased through our partnership with Terra Cycle, and we are currently collecting Pringle Tins and Empty Crisp packets which we send off to be recycled. Boxes are available in Reception if you wish to drop them off from home and in the common rooms for all students to use if they have been to Sainsbury’s during their leave at break.  Batteries will still be collected in reception and we will be sending off the tub soon as we have over 40kg of batteries collected; Well Done.

There is an updated Eco-code for school which involved the opportunity for feedback from all of the students and wider community and there is an associated video to support and educate us of the code, in a hopefully humorous manner. All our small efforts, do help and keep us conscious of the impact that our lives have on the environment, both, locally, nationally and internationally.

We would like to thank all of those of you who supported the Climate Change petition and hope that our young people can engineer and develop ways to increase Carbon Capture techniques and developed more sustainable energy sources. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that we try to carbon offset our overseas school trips and this can be done by all of us when we travel. We will keep you updated of ideas and initiatives throughout year and look forward to your continued support and ideas, Follow us on Instagram and Twitter, e-mail us at BEAST@boothamschool.com if you have any ideas you would like to share.


Robert Gardiner on behalf of BEAST