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History is taught in specialist classrooms with interactive whiteboards. All pupils study History at Key Stage 3, covering a variety of topics ranging from Medieval Realms to Slavery to the Holocaust. History is a popular option both at GCSE and A level. Exam success at both levels reflects the strong motivation of our students, a number of whom go on to study History or related subjects such as Law or Archaeology at university.

We believe that educational visits are an important way of enhancing students’ understanding, and enjoyment, of the past. For example, Upper Schoolroom pupils visit the Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre and enjoy An Interview With Tommy Atkins, a World War One workshop with Richard Gardiner. Historical Services to Schools come into School for a day of Civil War workshops for Middle Schoolroom whilst College historians attend lecture days to enhance their A-level studies.

Civil War workshop day for Middle Schoolroom

Civil War workshop day for Middle Schoolroom

Curriculum Content

Lower Schoolroom (Yr 7)

  • Medieval Realms

Middle Schoolroom (Yr 8)

  • The Making of the United Kingdom

Upper Schoolroom (Yr 9)

  • Industrial Britain 1750 – 1900 / Twentieth Century World


  • Russia: 1917 - 1937
  • International Relations, 1929 - 1968
  • The Vietnam War – Controlled Assessment
  • War and the Transformation of British Society


  • Origins and Course of the French Revolution
  • From Anglo-Saxon England to Norman England 1035–87


  • English Government and the Church 1066–1216
  • Napoleon
  • Coursework

The Department hosts visiting speakers for the Historical Association – most recently Professor Malcolm Crook of Keele University speaking on Napoleon. We also organise an annual overseas educational visit. Recent destinations have included Turkey (joint with the Classics Department), D-Day Landings and World War 1 Battlefields as well as weekend visits to Paris for the French Revolution and a Wars of the Roses Weekend. A historic building

Versailles (as part of a French Revolution weekend)

Treptower Park, Berlin

Jamie Charlton paying tribute to Soviet Russia at Treptower Park in Berlin

History pupils in Krakow Easter 2011

Berlin Krakow group at the Collegium Maior in Krakow, Easter 2011


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Boy draped in the Soviet flag with a bust of Lenin Students at Pergamon


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